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Technology Platform

The choice of the expression system (cell line, vector, medium) is fundamental for cost optimized production as well as for later regulatory registration of the process and is therefore the basis for the economically success of your product.

Every step can be performed in protein-free medium!

The EUGENEX system consisting of
  • Mammalian host cell lines that grow in serum- and protein free media
  • High level expression vectors of the pEGX series
  • Chemically defined, animal-source-free media

Production of recombinant proteins at extremely high titers

Reduction of production costs (no serum, fast and easy downstream processing)

Elimination of contamination risks (no mycoplasma, no viruses, no prions,...) - increased biosafety, registration

Simplification of FDA/EC of a process performed in totally defined medium

Defined and reproducible culture conditions

Enhance Productivity With State-Of-The-Art Technology

Applications based on our technology platform


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